If you are only seeking septic tank pumping as part of regular maintenance, please call a septic hauler. We do not provide septic tank cleaning services and do not haul septic but work closely with local haulers should your  station require pumping for us to service it.
Does your station need service?
We can help!

Residential Simplex Pump Stations

 - if you're googling for septic service technicians, you probably have one of these in your backyard.


​Quick Johns and Indoor Sewage Pumps

 - did you walk downstairs and smell something you weren't expecting? We service basement toilets with their own pump and the basins in your basement taking care of the downstairs bathroom (the one that you hear turning on and off when you're taking a shower).

Before                                          After

Sump Pumps

 - for water. If your basement is wet, maybe that pump in the corner quit on you. We can help.

If your pump need is not on the list, give us a call, we're here to help!

Duel Compartment Septic Tanks/Pump Stations (STEP Tank)

 - typically found residentially




Submersible Duplex Pump Stations

 - serving both residential and commercial applications





Above Grade Duplex Pump Stations

 - i.e Smith & Loveless

 - commercial/municipal





Dry Pit Duplex Pump Stations

 - i.e Smith & Loveless

 - commercial/municipal